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Cyber Security

By | 10. March 2017|Personal Security|

Since the 90s, the digital world has been providing us with virtually unlimited opportunities which save us plenty of time in our everyday life. However, the inflationary use of the internet is both a blessing and a curse for the user.

Our data is gathered, recorded, sold and hacked. Important files could get lost or systems might be damaged. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure our personal security on the internet. You should certainly adhere to the following basic rules when browsing the internet with your laptop, smartphone or tablet:


The best way to create a secure, hard-to-guess password is to use a password generator. Secure passwords contain letters, numbers, upper and lower case, and special characters. Avoid creating passwords consisting of your date of birth or names of family members or pets. These can easily be guessed. You should also make sure to create different passwords for different websites and purposes. If you use a single password for all applications, it is not a big deal to enter it on all other websites as well.


Do not download any video or audio files protected by copyright to your devices. By means of the IP address, your name can be traced and the originator may take legal action against you. Numerous lawyers have specialized in copyright infringements on the internet and pursue those resolutely.


If you cannot allocate an e-mail, do not open it right away. Have a look at the name of the sender, the e-mail address and the subject line. When it is impersonal or dubious, mark it as spam or junk mail. This way, you prevent receiving any other mails of this sender. In no case, download files attached to such e-mails.


Streaming of movies and shows is a common thing in German households. However, you should make sure only to select a provider who is in the possession of the right to distribute the video material. Stay away from dubious streaming services which are highly overloaded with aggressive advertising and raffles. In the end, they will only provide you with a badly filmed, low-quality version of your favorite show. A subscription with a reputable provider such as Amazon, Netflix or Spotify is definitely worth it.


A firewall monitors data traffic between the internet and your computer. It blocks unsafe websites and questionable sources to protect your computer. This can potentially affect your browsing on the net. Make sure to only adjust the settings of the firewall if you can be sure that the target page is harmless.

Personal data

Do not enter your personal information if it isn’t for a specific purpose (e.g. when ordering something). Get an idea of the provider’s reputation by taking a look at the imprint or the GTC before providing any personal data.


On a regular basis, store the data you have on your computer, smartphone or tablet on an external device (hard drive, CD, USB flash drive) or in a cloud. This is going to save you time and annoyance, should your terminal device ever suffer severe hardware or software damage.

Anti-virus protection

You are recommended to always install an anti-virus software on your device. You should update your anti-virus software regularly or enable the automatic update option.

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