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5 Safety Tips for Traveling

By | 13. April 2018|News, Personal Security|

Short-distance and long-distance business flights are part of the daily business for our international security team. From our past experiences, we have brought together the five most important tips that you must consider at every trip.

1.) Online Check In

You can conveniently check in your flight from home. For most airline companies this is possible 24-72 hours before departure, and you can do it on the company’s website or app. All you need for online check-in is your last name and your booking reference number.

This allows you to save valuable time at the airport and to choose your preferred seat beforehand.

2.) Punctuality

When you use online check-in, you will be able to see whether your plane departs on time or the flight is delayed. You can get this information on the website of the airport or the booked airline company, if you don’t use the online check-in option.

3.) Luggage

Will you be traveling for a long time or just for a few days? You can usually carry just a hand luggage for short stays up to one week. Even though these must not exceed certain dimensions, standard hand luggage offers more space than you would imagine. Before you travel, you can spare yourself from dropping off your luggage and after landing, waiting on the baggage claim area.

4.) Security Check

Airport security check is a time-consuming but essential factor. You and your luggage are checked and X-rayed. DO NOT carry the following items in your hand luggage or jacket and trouser pockets to avoid additional follow-up checks:

– Fireworks/pyrotechnics
– Liquids more than 100ml
– Weapons, knives, forks, pocket knives, nail files, scissors,
– Food, seeds, plants

You should place the following items open and visible in the trays for the security staff at the luggage control.

– Laptop (take it out of the laptop case)
– Liquids (less than 100ml)
– Cosmetic products

Your liquids and cosmetic products should be carried in a transparent, sealable plastic bag.

Don’t forget to put your belts, jewelry, watches or other metal material on your body on the band before the full body scan process.

Never make jokes to the security staff or the police and federal police about carrying dangerous items. They would smile, but this kind of humor has cost some families their flight.

5.) Flight

Put your luggage over your seat, and turn off your electronic devices or put them in airplane mode. The radiation of the mobile phones, iPads or laptops can affect the sensitive devices in the aircraft and lead to inaccuracies and technical problems that can cause delays.

Make yourself ready and note the safety instructions provided by the flight crew during takeoff from the runway. So you will know what to do in case of an emergency, for yourself and your fellow passengers.

We wish you a smooth process at the airport and a safe and relaxing spring vacation!

Your #TeamRAD

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