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The right equipment in private security

By | 26. June 2020|Aktuell, Expertise, Expertise, Im Einsatz|

The fields of operation in the security service industry are wide and diversified. The necessary equipment is as versatile as the operating sites and situations. In addition to detailed preparation, extensive staff training and professional on-site execution, security forces are supported in their everyday work by the right equipment.

Adapted to the local conditions, personnel requirements and the needs of the client, the equipment varies according to the services provided. In this article you will learn what essential basic equipment in the individual categories is required.

Whether for property and personal security or at large music or sports events: Every assignment is unique, requires individual preparation and special equipment. This equipment is used for security, communication between the operational units, their identification and, in an emergency, also for the defense of protected persons.


The protection of property

Property protection includes access and visitor checks as well as patrolling the premises. Here, our security employees are usually deployed at a permanently assigned object, for example an exhibition center, storage area, large construction site, public offices or commercial property. During the systematic planning phase, local conditions and requirements are taken into account, standards of action are defined and the procedure in emergency situations is determined.


Essential equipment in property protection:

  • Flashlight
  • Radio
  • Guard monitoring system (for systematic tracking of the patrol route)
  • Watch log (for documentation of events)
  • Barrier tape and cable ties for setting up temporary barriers

Event security

Protection of all participants has the highest priority in event security. Every event has special requirements that must be met. For example, the Cologne street carnival also includes controls for glass at the entrances to the “restricted zones“.

With confined areas, special care must be taken at all major events to ensure that there is no crowding or panic among visitors and that escape routes remain accessible at all times.

Through the use of modern communication technology, the operating units are connected with the head crowd manager and remain in contact during the event. This enables a coordinated evacuation of the site and early identification of potential hazards in case of emergency.

The current coronavirus crisis also demands a high degree of flexibility from security service personnel. A year ago, our employees were still on duty at major music festivals, but on June 11th, for example, they ensured the smooth running of church celebrations around Cologne Cathedral (internal link to current project). Due to the pandemic, strict hygiene and distance regulations had to be observed, which in turn required special equipment.


 Essential equipment when securing events:

  • High visibility clothing (often in the form of vests) that clearly identifies the security personnel;
  • Service badge for public identification of security staff
  • Communication technology: Radio set, headset
  • Megaphones to make yourself heard in emergency situations
  • Leatherman – serves as a tool, not for defense
  • If necessary, gate detectors and hand-held metal detectors to identify prohibited items
  • If required, ticket scanner or smartphones with installed QR Code scanner
  • Smartphones for photo or video documentation of situations are more and more in demand
  • Due to the high volume of walking, sturdy and comfortable shoes are indispensable

Personal security

This range of services includes individual escort and personal protection of individuals and groups as well as families with increased security needs. The aim is early detection and avoidance of dangerous situations which affect the clients’ freedom of action and movement and the prevention of attacks on life.

The assignments, whether escort or driving services, require a maximum of focus, flexibility and discretion during the operation, a thorough and detailed preparation and extensive training of the bodyguards.

Essential equipment in personal security:

  • Radio with cloaking set
  • Mobile phone with navigation function for comparing routes (especially in driving service)
  • Appropriate clothing (dress code or civilian clothes)
  • in Germany, private bodyguards only rarely carry a weapon; this depends on the situation and requires special qualification

Logistics and maintenance

As a full-service security company, we holistically cover the various areas of operation. We therefore also have the responsibility and duty to provide our employees with the best possible equipment for the job. This requires a large inventory of different materials and items that have to be maintained and serviced. Even transports, e.g. of gate detectors for operations beyond the borders of the EU, regularly present us with logistical challenges, which we take into account in the preliminary planning stage.

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  1. Maria Meyer Friday June 25th, 2021 at 12:53 PM - Reply

    Vielen Dank für den tollen Beitrag. Ich denke auch, ob beim Objekt- und Personenschutz oder bei großen Musik- oder Sportveranstaltungen, jeder Einsatz eines Sicherheitsdienstes ist einzigartig, erfordert eine individuelle Vorbereitung und spezielles Equipment. Sie haben wohl recht, dies dient der Sicherung, Kommunikation zwischen den Einsatzkräften, deren Erkennbarkeit und im Ernstfall auch der Verteidigung von Schutzpersonen. Ich arbeite in einem öffentlichen Gebäude, für welches nun ein zuverlässiger Sicherheitsdienst engagiert werden soll. Dementsprechend suche ich nun einen Sicherheitsdienst in Flensburg, welcher uns weiterhelfen kann.

    • Rosa Lenz Saturday June 26th, 2021 at 10:23 AM - Reply

      Liebe Frau Meyer,
      vielen Dank für das nette Feedback. Da wir deutschlandweit tätig sind, können Sie uns gerne eine Mail an schicken und Ihren Bedarf beziehungsweise den Auftrag näher schildern, damit wir Ihnen weiterhelfen können.
      Viele Grüße,
      das #TeamRAD

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