Rosa Lenz

Rosa is the editor and in charge of Insights themes and topics. Further more she is a member of our Executive Security Team and supervises as well as executes many national and international security assignments.



WEF in Davos: Top Security Measures

By | 23. January 2020|Aktuell, Expertise, Expertise, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, News, On Duty|

The economic elite is meeting up in Davos once more and draws the world’s attention to this small town in the Swiss Alps. About 3,000 political, economic, and societal representatives will attend the 50th meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss global key issues. Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg will be leading the prominent array and put security management to the test.

„In the Land of the Free“ – die USITT-Conference 2019

By | 26. November 2019|Expertise|

Im Frühling lädt das United States Institute of Theatre Technology (USITT) traditionell zu einer Konferenz ein. Was nach Deutschen Maßstäben eher kleinräumig und auf eine Nische beschränkt klingt, ist in Wahrheit eine ausgewachsener Kongress mit angegliederter Branchenmesse und einem immensen Rahmenprogramm für eine vitale Industrie.