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Corona crisis: Effects on private security companies

By | 18. April 2020|Allgemein, Im Einsatz, News|

The festival season usually begins these days. Security concepts for major events are developed, new employees are trained and instructed. Our security forces are operating at Formula 1 races, concerts, trade fairs, congresses and sporting events both in Germany and abroad. But this season is anything but normal – the world is in a state of emergency.

In times of the Corona crisis, quick action is required and so our team is currently ensuring safety and compliance with protective measures in front of hospitals, authorities and supermarkets or is active in object and warehouse protection.


An end to the corona pandemic is not yet in sight and its impact on social life remains still major. The extent to which the economic damage will occur in the long term remains uncertain. However, since the decision of 15 April, which was agreed between the heads of state and the federal government, there has been clarity on this point: Major events remain prohibited in Germany until 31 August 2020. In addition to the organizers, artists and athletes themselves, many other industries – as well as security companies – are affected and must now react to what for many was the greatest concern, the failure of the event summer 2020.


The new working day of the security forces


The current situation is about the protection of every individual by respecting the ban on assembly and conditions. We are proud that we can contribute to this with our work and keep our team busy. In the context of a public private partnership, we support the Office of Public Order in carrying out controls in public places. But security staff is also needed in front of clinics, emergency ambulances and shopping facilities. Infection prevention is particularly important for all those who do not sit in a home office but continue to carry out their work in the service of society. Therefore, on-site security personnel are equipped with masks and personal protective equipment either by the client or the employer.


Even though Covid-19 is making the security industry lose whole areas of operations, security personnel are urgently needed elsewhere. However, some service companies cannot employ staff because not all of them have undergone the appropriate training or examination. For example, available aviation security assistants are highly qualified in their field, but, according to the Industrial Code, they cannot simply be used in other sectors.


A solution-oriented approach to relieve the personnel situation is also the acceptance of the system relevance for sub-areas of the security industry. This is because the associated emergency care enables security forces to carry out their work despite closed schools and daycare centers.


An exceptional situation for all affected persons


Hoarding, admission restrictions, visiting bans – our employees are currently facing a variety of challenges. An informative and reassuring function is just as much in demand as strict access and admission controls in front of hospitals and the maintenance of safety regulations in trade. Because emotional situations repeatedly arise, which our employees try to relax and de-escalate. Despite the exceptional and restrictive circumstances, we find a lot of understanding and consideration in our everyday work.


Perspectives for the event industry


One fact is certain: major events until August 31th must be cancelled. How exactly these are defined and what general conditions apply to smaller events is still being worked out by the individual federal states. The so-called “voucher solution” is intended to help organizers in these times. Consumers will not be reimbursed immediately for canceled concerts but will receive a voucher. After December 31th 2021 the money will be returned if not redeemed.


For the event sector, which has been hit hard by the restrictions in the form of the ban on assembly, this arrangement is at least temporary a relief. But many other professions that depend on events will also feel the economic consequences in the long term. Because even a postponed event cannot absorb today’s revenue losses. It remains uncertain how many cultural businesses can master this challenge in the long run.


We are very much looking forward to future operations where people around us are cheering, dancing and enjoying the moment.


In this sense: Stay healthy!


Your #TeamRAD


  1. Paul Kersten Sunday May 2nd, 2021 at 07:56 PM - Reply

    Vielen Dank für den tollen Beitrag. Sie haben recht, normalerweise beginnt in diesen Tagen die Festivalsaison, Sicherheitskonzepte für Großveranstaltungen werden erstellt, neue Mitarbeiter geschult und eingewiesen. Auch, wenn wir momentan keine Veranstaltungen planen können suchen wir gerade Sicherheitsdienst für Unternehmen Bremen. Für den Arbeitsalltag und unser Bürogebäude sind wir trotzdem weiterhin auf eine solche Dienstleistung angewiesen.

    • Rosa Lenz Wednesday May 26th, 2021 at 08:34 AM - Reply

      Lieber Herr Kersten,

      wir bedanken uns für Ihre netten Worte zu unserem Beitrag. Gerne möchten wir Ihnen auch unsere Unterstützung anbieten, falls Sie diese benötigen. Geben Sie uns gerne Bescheid.

      Viele Grüße, das #TeamRAD

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