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The DIN 77200 explained

By | 12. March 2020|Allgemein, Expertise, Expertise, Featured, News|

In recent years, the demand for security services has risen sharply. The growing need for security necessitates a wider range of services offered by competitors. In order to be able to compare the performance of potential contractors, the DIN 77200 series of standards creates transparency.

The feeling of security may be perceived subjectively, but with its clearly defined requirements, DIN 77200 is an objective quality seal for security services.

For calls for tenders where the award criteria include comprehensive safety and quality standards in addition to price, the standard serves to ensure the comparability of applicants. Certification according to DIN 77200 makes it easier for the client to choose the right security service provider and opens up new customer potential. The certificate covers the following areas: stationary security services, mobile security services and event services.

In the following we will summarize what is contained in the DIN 77200 series of standards, the requirements to be met and the criteria under which the certificate is issued.


What does DIN 77200 stand for?

DIN 77200, which was drawn up by industry representatives, is used by public and private clients for conformity assessment in the process of awarding contracts for tendered security services. It creates transparency and clarity in the definition of the scope of services. Since the revision of the 2017 series of standards, accredited bodies have been awarding certificates to security service companies, thus demonstrating their competence and quality. Requirements regarding organisation, personnel management and working methods are included in the evaluation. The existence of a quality management system (QMS) within the company management is a prerequisite.

These seven application areas can be certified according to DIN 77200:

  • Stationary security services: Alarm service, reception service, control service
  • Mobile security services: Territorial service, intervention service, control service
  • Event security service: Security services for events

How does the certification process work?

The first step is to submit an application to the certification body. After the application has been reviewed, the audit takes place at the security company’s premises, and all evidence and documents must be submitted. The company now has three months to make up for possible deficits and optimize processes before the certification decision is made.

After the initial certification, a surveillance audit is carried out in the first and second year following. The effort for the companies can be estimated with a factor of 0.5 compared to the initial certification. In the third year a renewal audit is carried out. For this, a factor of approximately 0.75 is calculated.


DIN 77200 is divided into three sections:

  • Part 1: General requirements for security service providers
  • Part 2: Extended requirements for security service providers for special service areas (in progress)
  • Part 3: Certification procedure for conformity assessment of security services according to DIN 77200-1

What are the advantages of certification?

The certificate makes it easier for clients to assess whether a security company meets the requirements profile and has the necessary skills. For security companies, certification is associated with costs, but the quality seal also increases the chances of success in tenders. The standard also includes high demands on the training and further education of security employees, for which an internal training and further education programme is required. The intensive expenditure of time and resources therefore also discourages companies from tackling certification.


What are the criteria?

DIN 77200 covers a large number of requirements in different areas, which must be documented and repeatedly verified. These include, for example: Guidelines concerning data protection, insurance certificates, certificates of good standing and proof of qualifications and further training of employees. Due to the large number of quality features, certification should be approached as a long-term and sustainable project and not implemented overnight. Whether the costs are worthwhile in relation to the benefits must be assessed individually by each company.

As an experienced security partner, we realize projects for well-known companies and individuals with our qualified employees. We are pleased that DEKRA Certification GmbH has certified our security services according to DIN 77200 after successful certification.

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