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How to dress in private security

By | 15. October 2020|Aktuell, News|

The corresponding work clothing in the private security industry is as versatile as the assignments.

Like the right equipment, it is part of the basic equipment of security staff and varies according to the job.
There are different reasons for wearing work clothes. Basically it is common that employees wear uniforms during their assignments in security services, event security, property protection or close protection. Be it as a general recognition aid for visitors and other participants or as a sign of which business they are employed by.

As always there are exceptions to the rule. Store detectives or bodyguards who are supposed to remain undetected naturally do not wear outfits that reveal their position.


Official regulations with regard to working clothes

Regardless of the location, certain criteria must be observed for work clothing. These are regulated in §19 of the german Bewachungsverordnung (BewachV). For example, the clothing of security employees must be clearly distinguishable from the uniforms of the armed forces as well as official enforcement agencies. In other words, the employees of private security companies must be clearly distinguishable from the police, the public order office or the German Armed Forces. No insignia may be worn that resemble official insignia and can therefore be misleading.

If it is about the security of a pacified area, such as a large construction site or a fenced private property, private security companies are also obliged to equip their team with appropriate uniforms


What types of uniforms are used?

We roughly divide the work clothing of our employees into two categories, formal and informal clothing.
Formal: In close protection and at high-level events, such as the security mission in Davos, our security officers primarily wear dark suits. These ensure both a discreet and uniform appearance.
Informally: In event security, for example at festivals or street carnivals, it is necessary for the clothing to be hard-wearing, comfortable and easily recognizable. This makes security staff stand out, especially at events with a high volume of visitors, and they are immediately recognizable to everyone as contact persons and help in dangerous situations.

If the assignments take place in darkness or in traffic areas, legislation and clients demand high visibility clothing according to ISO 20471 of the European standard. This means certified high-visibility clothing that uses reflective or fluorescent elements to make the security personnel clearly visible and protect them from danger.


Identity card requirement for operations

§18 of the Guard Ordinance (BewachV) clarifies the identification regulations for employees in the security industry. For example, the carrying of a service card is obligatory for the security forces, as they must present it at the place of action at any time upon request of the public order office or the police and customs authorities. The badge contains the name or identification number of the employee as well as the responsible security company that carries out the guarding or protection activity.


Other countries, other uniforms?

While employees in the security industry in other countries, for example in the USA, are often equipped with military-looking work clothing and heavy weapons, security services in Germany are generally more discreet and service-oriented.

As a full-service security company with high quality standards, we attach great importance to the fact that our employees not only distinguish themselves through professional competence and necessary strength of character, but also represent R.A.D in service with an appropriate appearance.

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