• Event security in times of Covid-19 – Challenges of private security companies

    Event security in times of Covid-19 – Challenges of private security companies

    The Covid-19 pandemic had and still has an impact on many industries. The event sector including all its suppliers and attached service industries was struck especially hard by to the ongoing restrictions on large-scale events. This means a huge loss for Germany’s sixth biggest economic sector that is usually pulling in around 130bn € annual revenue.

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  • The DIN 77200 explained

    The DIN 77200 explained

    In recent years, the demand for security services has risen sharply. The growing need for security necessitates a wider range of services offered by competitors. In order to be able to compare the performance of potential contractors, the DIN 77200 series of standards creates transparency.

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The right equipment in private security

26. June 2020|Aktuell, Expertise, Feature, News|

The fields of operation in the security service industry are wide and diversified. The necessary equipment is as versatile as the operating sites and situations. In addition to detailed preparation, extensive staff training and professional on-site execution, security forces are supported in their everyday work by the right equipment.

Our Head Of Project-International in an interview about WEF Security 2020 in Davos

4. February 2020|Aktuell, Expertise|

The annual World Economic Forum (WEF) is about to kick off in Davos and with heads of state and global business leaders gathering at the event, keeping attendants safe is a top priority. President Donald Trump, the European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde, the new managing director of the International Monetary Fund Kristalina Georgieva, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and climate activist Greta Thunberg are just a few of the high-profile names (there are 3,000 attendants) at the summit in the Swiss Alps that runs from January 21 to 24.

WEF in Davos: Top Security Measures

23. January 2020|Aktuell, Expertise, Expertise, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, News, On Duty|

The economic elite is meeting up in Davos once more and draws the world’s attention to this small town in the Swiss Alps. About 3,000 political, economic, and societal representatives will attend the 50th meeting of the World Economic Forum to discuss global key issues. Donald Trump and Greta Thunberg will be leading the prominent array and put security management to the test.